The trading partner for fruit and vegetables.

Since 1967, Bellafrut has been active in the procurement of fruit and vegetables from all over the world for the European food retailing industry. The fruit and vegetables brokered by Bellafrut are then marketed to end customers' points of sale throughout Europe.

Quality right
from the start.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of food retailers, the uncompromising quality assurance of our products throughout the whole supply chain is our top priority. This is the target that we achieve every day.

People and the environment are at the heart of our actions.

Those who produce or trade foodstuffs bear special responsibility for people and the environment. We are happy to face this task and work day in day out on making production as resource-saving as possible and to improve social standards.

Fruit and vegetables with guaranteed freshness.

Bellafrut offers a wide variety of fruit and vegetables of selected quality thanks to close cooperation with long-standing suppliers and sophisticated logistics processes.

Careers for applicants with a passion for freshness.

At Bellafrut, people work with passion for fresh food, a belief in quality and sustainability, and pleasure in trading in an international environment. Do you want to be part of this? We look forward to seeing you!